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This part of Wikipedia is in the Vietnamese language.

For the English-language Wikipedia website, see en.wikipedia.org. For a list of Wikipedia websites in other languages, see Wikipedia:Phiên bản ngôn ngữ.


This website uses Unicode to display Vietnamese text. To see Vietnamese-language parts of this website correctly, you may need to download a Unicode font. Here are some suggestions:

  • If you have installed Microsoft Office 2000 or newer, or Microsoft Windows 2000 or newer, you already have Unicode fonts installed. These fonts – Arial, Courier New, Tahoma, Times New Roman, and Verdana – include all the Vietnamese characters. You may need to set one of these fonts as the default for your browser.
  • TTi has many Vietnamese font packs that you can download for free.
  • Gentium, a font by SIL International, includes the entire Vietnamese alphabet.
  • The VietUnicode project at SourceForge has links to many more Vietnamese Unicode fonts.

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